Domino Developer Network

Shared Development Servers
We offer the most complete set of configuration management tools available in the Domino hosting industry. We provide 100% automated web-based administration of all account and website configuration settings, including management of custom domains/virtual hosts, e-mail accounts, databases/files, web site rules, authentication setup/new user registration and group management. You get more control over your account and resources than with any other hosting provider, with many more features at your disposal. By automating the setup of these features for you, we keep our overhead and prices low, and you get quick and consistent results.

Development Hosting

Shared Production Servers
Our unique multi-server hosting solution offers multiple production-grade, clustered, high-availablility servers for your mission-critical applications... PLUS a separate development server for development (test/beta) versions of your applications.

Production Hosting starting from US$25/month...

Production Hosting

Virtual Private Servers
Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) are private isolated servers shared on a single physical server. Unlike partitioned servers, virtual private servers each have their own independent operating system. If another user's server crashes your virtual server remains unaffected. Domino binaries are executed once and shared between virtual servers saving vast amounts of diskspace and memory. Each VPS performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server as it can be rebooted independently and has its own IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files.

Virtual Private Servers starting from US$75/month...

Virtual Servers

Dedicated Servers
Our dedicated Domino server offerings are unique, as we employ the same administration tools and features that we use on our shared hosting servers to make management of your dedicated resources a snap! The primary difference is that your server is dedicated entirely to you, your business or your clients and you can manage the directory structure of the server however you wish. Our web-based tools allow you to easily customize and maintain your dedicated server without any prior Domino administration knowledge.

Dedicated Domino Servers starting from US$142/month...

Dedicated Servers

Security Services
We all know Domino handles security very well, but in this area, you will learn how you can make use of the different security features we offer. For instance, in order to offer authenticated access to your clients, you must use a Private Addressbook. In addition to discussing authentication, we will tell you how to create and manage groups, additional Notes ID’s, sign up for SSL, and much more.

Security Services

Mail Services
We offer iNotes mail and POP3 mail as our two primary email services. Mail services are our most popular service after the registration of custom domains. After creating the mail accounts you need to use for everyday working purposes, you can then create mail aliases, so you can route mail from multiple addresses to a single working mail account. Make use of mail-in databases to leverage the workflow capabilities of Domino in your web-based applications, or learn how to create and manage mailing lists to communicate with your clients or friends and family.

Mail Services