"DDN has one of the slickest interfaces I have ever seen to set up and manage your site, and almost all of it is done automatically. They have been extremely helpful in assisting me in moving my blog and my corporate site to DDN, and from what I have heard from others, this isn't unusual. If you're looking for a Domino-based hosting environment, you can't go wrong with DominoDeveloper.Net."

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"Not that it may matter to you, but I've been around Notes close to a decade, and have been using Domino/Notes ISP's not quite as long, but for a while You'd have to be at least the eighth or ninth we've used probably. And without a doubt DDN is heads and tails above the rest, and the people behind it are professional, knowledgeable, and have really focused on the needs of the Domino professional. It's evident to any reasonable person visiting your site that they are indeed themselves colleagues, not just good businesspeople. It's really amazing I must say."

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"After discovering DDN I decided to switchover as the depth of DDN's service is far greater. Also I felt more secure that it will be a permanent site."

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